Westfield portable grain auger

UTX 44 U-Trough Auger

AGI Westfield UTX  U-Trough Auger

The new AGI Westfield UTX 44 U-Trough load out auger is fast - up to 4 tons per minute – which will save you time and money . The unique design of the U-Trough auger allows it to move grain fast and efficiently without damage. The additional capacity is achieved by the U shaped auger barrel which allows space for the grain to move freely. 

The UTX is built with resilience and longevity in mind, heavy duty mover kit, hydraulic winch and LED work lights. The electric clutch and triple banded drive belt coupled with a reversing gearbox and top drive chain tensioner make for a bullet proof drive train. 

Auger Flight AGI Westfield

Durability - Like all AGI Westfield augers, the flighting has been reinforced with Wear Edge Technology™, which provides an extra layer of steel welded to the flight edge at critical wear points. 

Banded Belts AGI Westfield Australia

Banded Belts - The AGI Westfield U-Trough auger uses triple banded belts to transfer maximum power from the engine to the gearbox to maintain consistent speed when the auger is running. 

Chain Drive Westfield Augers Australia

Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Sprockets - Heavy-duty hardened steel sprockets and high-speed roller chain are sized to match auger length and diameter, to help your auger perform at its best. A lubricated upper drive extends the life of sprockets and drive chain.

Square Flight Joiner Westfield Auger

Square Flight Joiners - The UTX U-Trough auger has square, one-bolt flight connections to ensure the auger flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation.

Reversing Gearbox AGI Westfield Auger

Reversing Gearbox - The reversing gearbox that allows the auger to be reversed at all angles, and includes the linkage and lockout for easy cleanout.  

Electric Clutch AGI Westfield Australia

Electric Clutch - The electric clutch with remote control starts and stops the auger without shutting down the engine  

Self Propelled Mover Kit Westfield Auger

Mover Kit -  The Heavy Duty  mover kit features all-wheel drive, hydraulic steering, and rugged all-terrain tires capable of handling tough terrain and yards. This narrow, more compact design has hydraulic steering as standard.