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Delta Agribusiness Narrabri - Agribusiness Expo

Delta Agribuiness, the Westfield dealer in Narrabri, is holding an Agribusiness Expo on Wednesday the 3rd of March from 10 am to 3pm.  Westfield will have augers on display and have a representative to answer any questions.  For more information contact Delta Ag Narrabri on 02 6792 6488 or view their Facebook page.

Westfield Augers Narrabri

Westfield Dealers Kept Busy 

"2021 is shaping up to be even busier than 2020 if current trends are any indication."  Stuart Hatton from Grainland in Moree said they were already fully booked until early April and the winter crop has not been planted yet. "The main demand is for larger Westfield swing away augers. The 94  and 114 foot models are in very high demand, we also have some of the big 16 inch, 125 foot augers to build so it is going to be a busy year for us again."  

Westfield Auger Australia

Shipping Delays Affecting Lead Times On Augers 

Delay times of up to 21 days can be expected on containers leaving from Canada in 2021. Congestion at all terminals in Vancouver as a result of high import volumes are expected to last well into July/August. Berth delays are seeing vessels waiting 3 to 4 days to be unloaded.

Australian ports are seeing delays of up to a week due to congestion. To add to the delays all containers from North America have to be fumigated for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug before going through quarantine inspection.   

Westfield Augers Shipping

First Westfield Augers For 2021 Have Arrived 

The first load of Westfield augers for the 2021 season has just arrived from the AGI Westfield factory in Canada.

The Westfield factory is located in Rosenort, Manotoba, about 50 kilometres south of Winnipeg and produces about 14,000 augers a year. Production this year is at an all time high and already lead times for the larger swing away augers have started to blow out to August.

Westfield Grain Auger

Grain Trade Australia Standards for the 2020/21 Season 

The GTA Trading Standards are a essential tool for anyone purchasing, selling or operating in the commercial grain industry. The standards are reviewed every year by the Grain Trade Australia Standards Committee with input from the industry. 

Wheat Standards          Barley Standards          Sorghum Standards 

Australian Pulse Trading Standards

Grain Trade Australia

FarmFest and AgQuip Field Days Cancelled for 2020 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic ACM Rural Events has decided to cancel FarmFest and AgQuip for 2020.

FarmFest is usually held in June but it had been moved to October. AgQuip was moved from August to November, however due to the uncertainty surrounding gatherings for major events it was decided to cancel both events for 2020. This is the first-time in AgQuip’s 48 year history that the call has been made not to proceed with the event 

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