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FarmFest 2022

FarmFest is on June 7th, 8th and 9th and is  held a at Kingsthorpe Park, on the Warrego Highway, 20 kms west of Toowoomba, Queensland. 

Westfield augers and belt conveyors will be well represented again this year. For more information contact your nearest Westfield Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

Westfield Augers at FarmFest 2022

Advantec Move into New Premises

Advantec, the AGI Westfield dealer covering Southern NSW and Victoria has moved into new premises in Wodonga. The purpose built assembly shed will give AGI Westfield customers greater access to spare parts and service. Call Advantec on 1800 121 611 or visit their website www.advantec.com.au 

AGI Westfield Augers Victoria Australia

AGI Westfield Farming Simulator 22

AGI Westfield and AGI Westeel products are now available as a free DLC for Farming Simulator 22. With the pack, you extend your farming operation with a set of high-quality Westfield augers and Westeel silos to really step up your game!

AGI Westfield Augers in Farming Simulator 22

New Westfield "How To" videos

AGI Westfield has released a range of instructional videos aimed at helping maintain, and repair your Westfield auger. The videos cover everything from replacing MKX lift cables to how to correctly hook up your PTO.

You can view the videos here

Westfield Australia Auger Parts

Westfield STX2 10:61X Auger

The Westfield 10:61-X Auger comes with Hydraulic Mover Kit, Hydraulic Winch, Electric Clutch and LED Light Kit and a Kohler 38hp EFI engine. Able to reach most 100 ton silos the STX2 10:61 makes a great combination load in/ load out auger.

As one customer put it "If there is a better auger out there, I'm yet to see it."

For more information contact your nearest Westfield Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

Westfield Australia STX2 Grain Augers

Westfield Augers for Advantec

Another load of Westfield augers has just arrived at Advantec in Wodonga.

Advantec were appointed Westfield dealers in 2020 and since then have gone from strength to strength becoming the largest Westfield dealer in Victoria.

For more information contact Nathan McGrath on 0438 244 290 or email agriculture@advantec.com.au 

Westfield Augers Australia

GRCD Crop Sowing Guides for 2022

These guides contain information on current commercially available varieties of grain crops grown in Australia. Sources of additional information are listed in each chapter. The crop variety guides are supplementary to the National Variety Trials (NVT) Harvest reports. Visit the NVT website for more information.

NSW Crop Sowing Guide 2022

Queensland Crop Sowing Guide 2022

Victorian Crop Sowing Guide 2022

South Australian Crop Sowing Guide 2022

Western Australian Crop Sowing Guide 2022

GRCD Sowing Guides 2022

AgSmart Expo 2022

The AgSmart Expo is a agri-tech exposition showcasing the latest innovations in research and development in Australian agriculture. 

AgSmart will be held at the Tamworth Regional Entertainment and Conference Centre on the 9th and 10th of March, 2022.

Westfield augers and belt conveyors will be well represented. For more information contact your nearest Westfield Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

AgSmart 2022 Westfield Augers

Correct Westfield Auger PTO Set Up

When setting up a swing away auger the measurement between the tractor PTO output shaft and the input coupling on the auger are critical. If the distance is too short the PTO shaft will bottom out as the auger is raised. This will cause damage to the PTO shaft or the auger.  Please read the manual carefully. You can watch the instructional video here

For more information on your Westfield auger visit our Parts and Manuals page or call 1800 945 069

Westfield Australia Auger PTO Shaft

MKX16:125 in Western Australia

The AGI Westfield dealer in Western Australia, Protector Grain Systems, has just installed a Westfield MKX16:125 X-Tend swing away auger for a client in the Esperance area. The MKX16:125 is capable of  up to 10 tons per minute and is seen here easily reaching over a 21 meter silo.  

For more info on Westfield augers and belt conveyors in Western Australia call Phil Nixon on 0402 794288 or email  phil@protectectorgrain.com.au 

Westfield MKX16:125 Swing Away Auger

Westfield X-Tend Retracting Swing Hopper

Westfield Australia Grain Auger

Shipping Backed Up at  L.A. and Long Beach

On 10/10/2021 NASA's Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument captured this image of over 70 ships waiting to dock and unload at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, due to the supply-chain crunch. The image covers an area of 23 by 25 kilometers.

Image courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech

Shipping Delays L.A.

AGI Westfield Support and Resources

AGI Westfield has an extensive range of assembly and operation manuals for current, as well as legacy models available online. 

Remember when assembling or repairing an auger always follow safety signs and messages. 

If you are having trouble finding a manual or part contact your nearest Westfield Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

AGI Westfield Augers 2021

New AGI Westfield WCX3 Field Loader

Westfield have just released the new WCX3 15:49 Field Loader. The new design has an improved S-Drive to increase belt take-up and a new wider hopper and a redesigned hydraulic mover kit.

The WCX3 has two belt scrapers to keep the back of the belt clean and an easy-to-use belt washer to remove any build up on the belt and clear away debris. 

For more information contact your nearest Westfield Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

AGI Westfield Belt Conveyor

Westfield Online Part Lookup

AGI Westfield have made it even easier to source the correct parts for your Westfield auger. Find the parts you need using the  online parts catalogue.

For more information contact your nearest Westfield Dealer or phone 1800 945 069

Westfield Australia Online Parts Lookup

Westfield Auger History 

The modern-day grain auger was invented by Peter Pakosh in Toronto, Canada in 1945. In early 1950 Abraham Plett, of Pletts Industries, decided he could build a better auger after the undercarriage failed on an auger he bought to resell to a customer. Abraham chose the name Westfield for his new auger line, along with the now iconic  yellow and red colour scheme. The first two Westfield augers were sold in 1951.

Westfield Auger History

New Westfield / Wheatheart 9 inch Poly Transfer Augers

The Westfield 9" poly transfer auger is lightweight, only 56kg. The poly hopper and 9" tube resists corrosion and offers easy one-person handling and storage. It is ideal for seed and fertiliser when coming out of B-Doubles and Road Trains. The 2.4 meter length stores easily and features an adjustable discharge angle for low trailers. Available in hydraulic drive only.

For your nearest Westfield / Wheatheart Dealer phone 1800 945 069

Westfield Augers

AGI Westfield   1951 - 2021

Westfield turns 70. In 1950  Abraham Plett purchased a grain auger to resell to a customer. He soon realised that he could design a better auger. Abraham sold his first two augers in 1951, choosing the name Westfield along with the now familiar yellow and red colors.  

In 1968, a new factory was opened in Rosenort, Manitoba.  On the 15th of May 2000, Ag Growth International (AGI) acquired Westfield. AGI increased Westfield’s manufacturing facilities to 16,200 square meters. AGI Westfield employs 300 people and produces 14,000 augers a year. 

Westfield Grain Auger

Westfield Dealers Kept Busy 

"2021 is shaping up to be even busier than 2020 if current trends are any indication."  Stuart Hatton from Grainland in Moree said they were already fully booked until early April and the winter crop has not been planted yet. "The main demand is for larger Westfield swing away augers. The 94  and 114 foot models are in very high demand, we also have some of the big 16 inch, 125 foot augers to build so it is going to be a busy year for us again."  

Westfield Auger Australia

Shipping Delays Affecting Lead Times On Augers 

Delay times of up to 21 days can be expected on containers leaving from Canada in 2021. Congestion at all terminals in Vancouver as a result of high import volumes are expected to last well into July/August. Berth delays are seeing vessels waiting 3 to 4 days to be unloaded.

Australian ports are seeing delays of up to a week due to congestion. To add to the delays all containers from North America have to be fumigated for Brown Marmorated Stink Bug before going through quarantine inspection.   

Westfield Augers Shipping

First Westfield Augers For 2021 Have Arrived 

The first load of Westfield augers for the 2021 season has just arrived from the AGI Westfield factory in Canada.

The Westfield factory is located in Rosenort, Manotoba, about 50 kilometres south of Winnipeg and produces about 14,000 augers a year. Production this year is at an all time high and already lead times for the larger swing away augers have started to blow out to August.

Westfield Grain Auger