Westfield portable grain auger

STX2 Transportable Auger

Available in 8 and 10 inch tube sizes and in lengths from 41 to 61 foot

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AGI Westfield Australia STX2 Grain Auger

AGI Weastfield’s STX2 Load Out transportable grain auger has been redesigned from top to bottom and is engineered to perform at optimum levels when you need it most. The STX2 is built for durability, longevity and capacity. With the STX2, you’ll get the job done fast. AGI Westfield STX2 transportable augers are available in lenghts from 41 foot to 61 foot. 

Westfield Auger Flight

Durability - Like all AGI Westfield augers, the flighting has been reinforced with Wear Edge Technology™, which provides an extra layer of steel welded to the flight edge at critical wear points. 
The STX2 features 12-gauge tubing (2.65 mm) on 10" models and a heavy-duty motor mount designed to handle high horsepower engines

AGI Westfield Belt Guard

Banded Belts - The AGI Westfield STX2 uses double banded belts to transfer maximum power from the engine to the gearboxes to maintain consistent speed when the auger is running. To ensure optimal performance is achieved with longer units, the 10" inch 51' and 61' lengths use triple banded belts. 

AGI Westfield Chain Drive

Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Sprockets - Heavy-duty hardened steel sprockets and high-speed roller chain are sized to match auger length and diameter, to help your auger perform at its best. A lubricated upper drive extends the life of sprockets and drive chain.

Westfield Australia Flight Connector

Square Flight Joiners - The AGI Westfield  STX2 10” models use square, one-bolt flight connections to ensure the auger flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation.

Westfield Australia Reversing Gearbox

Reversing Gearbox - The STX2 has a reversing gearbox that allows the auger to be reversed at all angles, and includes the linkage and lockout for easy clean out.  

AGI Westfield Electric Clutch

Electric Clutch Option- The electric clutch with remote control starts and stops the auger without shutting down the gas engine drives and is easy to install. The electric clutch comes as standard equipment on the STX 10:61 auger. 

AGI Westfield Australia Hydraulic Mover Kit

Mover Kit - AGI Westfield offer two Self-Propelled (SP) mover kits, Heavy Duty and Standard. The Heavy Duty  mover kit features all-wheel drive, hydraulic steering, and rugged all-terrain tires capable of handling tough terrain and yards. This narrow, more compact design has hydraulic steering as standard. The Heavy Duty Mover kit comes standard on the STX 10:61 auger.