AGI Westfield portable grain auger

How-To and Help Articles

Auger PTO to Tractor Hookup

How to avoid damaging your PTO shaft on your AGI Westfield swing away auger by having the correct hitch adjustment on your tractor. 

Westfield Auger PTO Shaft

Swing Away Auger PTO Critical Measurements

The measurement between the tractor drawbar and the tractor PTO driveline are very important. If the distance is too short the PTO driveline will bottom out when auger is in raised position, causing damage to the PTO driveline, the bearing, or the boot
housing. See your operators manual for full details.

Always unhook the PTO before moving the auger.

How to Change the Yoke on a CV-PTO

How to change the yoke on a Westfield Constant Velocity -PTO shaft.

How to assemble 13" Trussing

How to assemble the trussing on AGI Westfield X and MKX 13 inch swing away augers. 

How to Re Tension Lift Cables 

How to install and re-tension the lift cables on a Westfield MKX swing away auger.

How To Adjust a Thrust Adjuster

How to adjust the thrust adjuster on an AGI Westfield swing away auger.  

How to Replace a Low Profile Hopper Flight

How to replace the flight on a Westfield low profile self leveling swing away hopper.

How to Install the Angle Drive 

How to install the angle drive on the older type Westfield fixed position swing away hoppers.

How to Replace Auger Flights

How to replace auger flights on an AGI Westfield auger. 

How to Test Required Lifting Pressure 

This video explains how to test the required lifting pressure on an AGI Westfield MKX auger.

How to Replace a Drive Shaft 

How to replace a drive shaft on a Westfield STX2 Transportable auger.

AGI Westfield are committed to the safe use of our products. Please ensure that you have read the operators manual and understand the safety devices, and follow all safety instructions before operating the product. Periodically check all mechanical and electrical components. Keep all equipment in good working condition. If the safety instructions are followed users will be able to operate the product easily and safely throughout its lifetime. If you need need more information contact your nearest AGI Westfield Dealer or email and an AGI Westfield representative will contact you.

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