Westfield Augers Australia

It’s not an ordinary auger...It’s a Westfield

 Since 1951, Westfield has been building the most reliable and dependable augers available. With a commitment to design and innovation, AGI Westfield has become the leading grain auger manufacturer in the world. 

Transportable Augers

The AGI Westfield XTX2 is built for durability, longevity and capacity. With the XTX2, you’ll get the job done fast.

X Series and MKX
Swing Away Augers

The AGI Westfield range of Swing Away augers are tough, dependable, and reliable. 

Load Out Auger 

AGI Westfield’s newest U-Trough Auger, the UTX was built to perform, delivering up to 240 tons per hour.

Transportable Augers

AGI Westfields STX2 Load Out transportable grain auger has been redesigned from top to bottom and is engineered to perform at optimum levels when you need it most.  

  • Durability - The XTS2 features Banded Belts and a heavy-duty motor mount designed to handle high horsepower motors, 
  • Reversing Gearbox - The reversing gearbox allows the auger to be reversed at all angles and includes the linkage and lockout for easy clean-out.
  • Electric Clutch (Optional) - The electric clutch with remote allows you to start and stop the auger without stopping the motor.
  • Hydraulic Mover Kit (Optional)- The hydraulically driven self-propelled mover kit features side mounted controls, drives on both wheels and a hydraulic winch to raise and lower the auger. 
AGI Westfield STX2 Grain Auger Australia

Swing Away Augers

The AGI Westfield range of Swing Away augers are tough, dependable, and reliable. Westfield are committed to providing farmers with augers they can trust. AGI Westfield Swing Away augers are available in 10", 13" and 16" tube diameters and in lengths from 63' to 125'. 

  • Steel Trussing - Steel Trussing prevents bowing and maximises strength.
  • Square Flight Connectors - AGI Westfield uses square, one bolt flight connections to ensure the flighting maintains proper alignment for smooth operation. 
  • Low Profile Dual Flight Hopper - The low profile hopper has dual flighting to maximize capacity.
  • Ease of Maintenance - External grease zerks on all U-joints. Large clean-out, service points, and access panels allow for fast and efficient auger cleaning and servicing. 
AGI Westfield Swing Away Grain Auger

X-Tend Retracting Hopper

Westfield’s retracting swing auger offers the convenience of being able to extend, swing side-to-side and retract, without having to move or reposition the truck.  

  • Convenience - Easy to position under trucks
  • Hydraulic Power Swing - Hydraulic power swing with large lug tires, allow for precise positioning and maximum traction 
  • Dual Flighting - Dual hopper flights channel grain flow into the swing tube matching the capacity of your Westfield auger. 
AGI Westfield X-Tend Hopper

U-Trough Augers

The unique design of the U-Trough auger allows it to move grain fast and efficiently without damage. The additional capacity is achieved by the U shaped auger barrel which allows space for the grain to move freely. 

  • Fast - Up to 240 tons per hour
  • Heavy Duty Mover Kit - The heavy duty, self propelled mover makes setting up at silos and moving around the yard fast and easy.
  • Electric Clutch - Triple grove electric clutch with banded belt so you can start and stop the auger without shutting down the motor.
AGI Westfield U Trough Auger Australia

Belt Conveyors

Westfield Belt Conveyors are built tough to perform yet designed and engineered for gentle handling of delicate seeds and commodities.

  • Low Maintenance - Engineered, designed and built for rugged, long-lasting performance. 
  • High Capacity - AGI Westfield Conveyors are built for high capacity and performance. 
  • Low Horsepower - Westfield’s unique design requires only a fraction of the horsepower of augers, saving energy and freeing up larger tractors for other purposes.
AGI Westfield Belt Conveyor