Correct PTO setup for Westfield MKX and X Swing Away Augers

When raising the auger for the first time, or hooking up to different tractor, make sure the PTO shaft does not compress and bottom out. The measurement between the tractor drawbar, and the tractor PTO driveline are very important. If the distance between the tractors PTO output shaft and the input coupling on the auger are too short the PTO driveline will bottom out when the auger is in raised position. This will cause damage to the PTO driveline, the bearing, or the boot housing. Please read the manual carefully. Most importantly keep an eye on the PTO shaft when setting up the auger for the first time. 

Disconnect the PTO shaft from the tractor when moving the auger. Failure to disconnect from the tractor will damage the PTO shaft or the input shaft on the auger.

Read the Users Manual. Before doing anything, ensure you have completely read and understood the manual. 

PTO Shaft Westfield Australia Auger
Westfield Auger PTO Shaft

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